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I'm so excited to talk about my experience with the 'HIGH VIBES APOTHECARY' products!!!!

Where do I begin... Well firstly, I'm excited to say, all the products are made locally here in Vancouver, BC, WOOP! Secondly, I have a major girl crush on the creator; Miss Narai Dawn.

Not only is she a radiant and beautiful energy healer at Root To Crown, she's also a kick-ass, cosmic, mega-talented vocalist-songwriter, from the band 'Star Captains', with impeccable style & grace. AKA a true KWEEN! So naturally, when she announced her product line was coming out, I immediately wanted to get my hands on them! HIGH VIBES is an extensive, holistic product line that ranges from divinely scented candles to magical skin elixirs, pure & natural deodorants, uplifting room sprays, bath salts, body wash, crystal face rollers and more! Um...yes, please! Can I has? I too would love to have the radiant, glowing skin of this angelic being!!!! =)

Goddess Elixir

528Hz - The vibes of L-O-V-E

One thing that's truly unique about HIGH VIBES, is that all of the products are

'tuned' to the frequency of love, which is 528Hz. This is the same tuning John Lennon used to write 'Imagine'. Apparently, this frequency can repair DNA and has an overall positive effect on the body. COOL! I'm in! ❤️ This is done through sound tuning...

I'm assuming via a chime or musical instrument (more on this to come, as I'm hoping to have Narai on as a guest on my podcast coming soon!)

Oh - Natural...

Not to mention, all the ingredients are all natural, therapeutic grade, cruelty-free, vegan, toxin and chemical free. Need I say more?

My personal experience...

The very first products I purchased from HIGH VIBES, was the 'Goddess Elixir, to treat my dry-ish skin on my face, as well as the 'The High Vibes Mist' for face and body + provides an energy lifting boost for your room or space. I love and appreciate the multitasking aspect of this spray! Then later, on her recommendation, I purchased 'Star Seed//Anti-Aging Moisturizer.

High Vibes Mist


So far, my 1st impression is that ALL of the products smell incredible!

Seriously...the essential oils that were selected, are combined to perfection. They are uplifting & sensual, without being too heavy and overpowering. It is my guess, they provide major aromatherapy benefits too. There's also another spray available, called 'Celestial Rose, which sounds lovely too, with benefits from Aloe Vera and Rosewater.

Star Seed Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Talk to tha face...

I want to focus mainly on the facial hydrating products, 'cause thass my jam!

IMO, the quality, texture and consistency of the elixir and cream is ah..maze.

Its definitely true to it's name (If Shania Twain reads this, can we switch up the lyrics to your song? No big deal) 'cause 'DAYUM, I feel like a goddess'!

From the moment I tried the oil based elixir, I felt it penetrate & hydrate my skin.

My skin tends to be pretty dry, so I need all the help I can get! Most creams I've tried don't work for me and I end up still feeling dry and tight after using it. The elixir has an abundance of beautiful & powerful healing ingredients such as; Sea Buckthorn oil, Evening Primrose, Frankincense, drops from heaven etc. So Yaaaas! Gimme dat moisture!

After applying the elixir for about a week, I wanted to go even deeeeeper.

Enter 'Star Seed Moisturizer'. I decided to take her recommendation on the directions,

ie: 'for deeper hydration, apply 'Goddess Elixir' after the 'Star Seed Moisturizer' to provide a protective barrier allowing the skin to be nourished at a deeper level.

Because I'm a fiend for moister, I went ahead and purchased the cream and it was the best decision I've made! First of all, the jar comes with the sweetest little 'scooper spoon' attached, so you don't have to get the cream all up in your nails (although I'm sure my cuticles wouldn't object) but you don't want any of that magical cream go to waste now!

The scent, of course, is heavenly, the texture is substantial and thick... just what my skin's been craving - and the benefits are therapeutic and restorative. There's a vast list of incredible ingredients in this cream, just to name a few including; Cocoa Butter, Evening Primrose, Camellia, Rosehip seed, Cucumber Hydrosol, Orange Peel Extract, Honeysuckle, Green Tea Extract, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Angel Tears and the list goes on.

To see a more complete list, check out the Instagram page.

Just the Hyaluronic Acid alone, although sounds a bit intense, is a huge breakthrough in skincare. Apparently, "It has the ability to attract and hold more than 1,000 times its own weight in moisture". I'd say that's a mutha trucker of a moisturizer! Star Seed can be applied to the face, as well as the neck and other body parts for some extra love & TLC.

After almost the first application, I'm happy to report my skin is smiling, it's refreshed and hydrated like a boss!

Rose Quartz Facial Rollers

It keeps growing...

After only trying 3 products, I can honestly say I am already committed as a loyal customer to the High Vibes Apothecary line. I can't wait to eventually replace all my tired not so vibey stuff with it. For instance, I'd love to try the crystal face rollers, either the rose quartz or amethyst. It is said to provide lymph drainage and boost circulation, as well as help tone and firm the skin in the face, reducing fine lines. Then I want to try the 'Moontime Sacral Elixir',

to relieve tension in the womb and lower back, during 'moon time', all whilst burning some candles from the lovely selection. My personal fave is 'Little Wing'.

According to Narai, the breaking news is, there are more products in the works being added!!! YAY! I can't tell you exactly what they are yet since it's top secret info, but I'm positive they'll be highly useful, healing & smell gorgeous, while invoking a sense of peace, love and wellbeing.

*For more info on the whole line of products, as well as the ingredient lists, you can check out the Insta page, the High Vibes Apothecary & the website coming soon

Wishing you all peaceful, happy high vibes!

With love & bisous



ThirdEye Babe

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