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Karina, Founder, and CEO of Style Aligned.
I’m your go-to for style coaching and holistic healing services. I work for successful women who want to step into their power, while looking and feeling effortlessly chic and perfectly polished -Without buying a whole new closet!  

I am here to help you embody & bring to life the vision of your highest self by combining personal styling with energy healing.

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I bring together ALL of my background & experiences to serve you in an Exclusive & Holistic way.


I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over 15 yearsExperience ranging from consulting notable boutiques to big-budget department stores. Feverishly slaving my fashion knowledge in Montreal, Paris, London and Spain.  

A Degree in Graphic Arts & Design, as well as

Reiki Certified + Holistic Dance Coaching for over 8 years. Professional Performer + Singer for 16+ Years. I’m always ready to make my mark, and I want to help you do & feel the same!

Beauty and fashion are fortunately no longer one-size-fits-all, and neither are my coaching services. I work with women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and budgets. Even Zoom interviews have a time and a place for the right ensemble - Put your best foot forward without leaving the house, because decision fatigue is real. Remove unnecessary stress from your day and commit to looking consistently classy and confident. 

I will teach you how to show up for yourself, define your own personal style, and step onto the scene feeling unstoppable, established, and like a bold barrier-breaking woman.

If you are ready to wake up every day feeling driven, purposeful, and excited to strut your new found confidence. Let’s get to work!

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