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Closet Therapy

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

My client Stacey came to me in desperate need to pare down her closet(s)….

Stacey, a talented writer / editor, inherited her late mother’s house and all of her mother’s & even grandmother’s belongings. After the painful loss of her mother, she didn’t have the heart to go through all her closets, in addition it had been years since she updated or put time into her own style.

After a few years living in the house, it started to weigh down on her and created a sense of unease. Low and behold during lockdown, she embarked on a healing journey for her mind body, soul, which included decluttering her home. It was finally time to tackle the closets once and for all!

She contacted me and booked a ‘Closet Therapy’ package. With my help & guidance (over multiple zoom calls) we managed to cull 3 large closets full of clothes, accessories and shoes. We looked over each item carefully with a discerning eye, which made it much easier for her to let go of items that no longer served her.

We began and ended the Closet Therapy session with breathwork & intention setting, to keep her focused and at ease. I also encouraged her to burn healing herbs, such as: sage, cinnamon or Palo Santo (aka smudging) as well as open all her windows, in order to clear the old energy and refresh her home after the whole process was done.

Another exciting revelation, was that Stacey discovered her new style direction;

She gained insight on which cuts & colours suited her best, she discovered what to shop for, as well as how to put together chic outfits with confidence. We also ended up keeping a couple fantastic vintage gems of her mother’s and grandmother’s, that she could incorporate into her new & improved look, which was a meaningful way to honour their memory and badass sense of style!

Once we whittled down the closets, I was able to create a shopping list of ‘Essentials’ she was missing. This included foundational basic pieces based on her lifestyle and style goals, as well as key items that bridge gaps to create more functionality & versatility in her wardrobe.

Stacey felt a huge sense of relief and an invigorated boost of confidence, after overcoming the emotional attachment, allowing herself to let go and prioritize her wardrobe style. She realized It’s so much MORE than closets & clothes.

Armed with style knowledge, clarity and purpose, she stepped back into the world, with her mojo re-ignited, ready to take on her next chapter - in STYLE!

Here’s her 5 Star review ⬇️

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Karina's style service had a powerful impact on my confidence, clarity, and demeanour. Finally, I know what to wear, when to wear it, and what to wear it with. Karina is direct and really there for you; she will find you amongst any disaster you have piled up. Guided into the modern me, I have since purchased my clothing with knowledge rather than hope. I know what colours and cuts compliment my skin and frame. I am no longer afraid of my closet. Selecting and wearing my clothing feels good--now and for the rest of my life. Thank you! Stacey C

If you resonated with this post and you're ready to get your closet under control and have your wardrobe work FOR you, please don’t hesitate to reach out . I offer

Closet Therapy sessions over ZOOM & In -person ( if you’re in the Vancouver area)

I also include this service within my Exclusive Style Packages, tailored to fit your needs. Click here to book a free Style Alignment call and let’s get you feeling aligned and ready to rock your style with confidence from here on!

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