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Monochromatic Moments

Rock the look in three easy steps


Move over print mixing, welcome tonal and monochromatic dressing!

One of the key trends at the forefront of fashion this past year has been the single tone look, or another way of describing it is 'colour drenching', which I really like for greater effect. What is it? Put simply, is wearing multiple shades of the same colour. Never before has a style had such longevity and prominence in the fashion world. The great thing is, it's a classic look, It's quite simple to achieve and you don't need to follow many rules to rock it.

There are many benefits to dressing this way, such as;

  • It's lengthening, i.e creates an illusion of long line, aka slimming.

  • It's an easy way to add sophistication and elegance to your style without much effort.

  • You'll feel like a rockstar, radiating, striking confidence in a casual, cool way

Oozing confidence and badassery in 'Millennial Pink'.

Where to start...

The easiest way to begin would be to select a colour palette. What colour or colours would you like to wear head to toe?

You can go bold and bright with reds, blues, yellows, greens or you can go subdued with neutrals with, beiges, greys, whites, soft pinks, you see where I'm going. I suggest, choosing one piece in your wardrobe that you love and build the outfit around that piece.

Building the look...

Once you have an idea of your colour palette or palettes, you want to select other accompanying pieces of similar tones. The pieces don't have to match exactly, but should be in the same colour family. Be sure to have some fun with mixing textures; shiny, velvety, wooly, smooth etc. This will add dimension and variety to your look and prevent it from being flat and one dimensional. You can also add prints to the look to create more interest such as; animal prints, polka dots, floral, stripes, camo and plaid. If you're feeling like the colour scheme's a bit too bright or intense, you can balance it out with a few splashes of neutrals.

Multi blue tones with a pop of purple & white!

Finishing touches...

To further elevate the look, add big & bold statement pieces of jewelry or accessories, to give the look more pop. I suggest adding a belt, purse or shoes in a contrasting colour to give the outfit a finishing touch to 'break up' the tones. It's all in the details.

Start simple, take it layer by layer and I'm positive you'll get the hang of rocking the tonal trend. You'll feel super chic & cool with this minimalistic modern style.

Hope you enjoyed my tips to tonal dressing...

Wishing you all happy creating with this fun & sophisticated look!

With love & bisous



ThirdEye Babe

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