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Jill's Transformation

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Style Coaching & A Wardrobe Refresh with Karina


It's a new year and this is my first blog post of 2019!!!

Yeah... I know it's been a minute since my last post and JEEZ where did the time go!

Can you guys believe it's already February???

Happy to be back in the swing of things, feeling refreshed and re-energized!

So, do you love makeovers as much as I do? I mean who doesn't love a good 'glow-up'?

Well it's that time, YAAAS! It's #MakeoverMonday !

Let's begin with my lovely client Jill! Read on for her before and after shots!

Jill reached out to me in the fall, when I told her about my new styling venture. She was super enthused and jumped at the opportunity to do a 'Wardrobe Refresh' with me.

She had been feeling uninspired with her default style for a while, as well as overwhelmed with state of her closet. It had become overfilled with things she hardly wore and she didn't know where to even begin. Sound familiar?

Before I came over for the closet overhaul, aka 'Wardrobe Refresh', we had an initial consultation, where I asked her a series of questions to get a feel for what her aim was, as well as discover what her true style 'Essence' is. Based on her answers and energy style profile, I put together her very own 'mood board' and sent if to her for review. Jill is a very fun loving, bright and shining soul and I believe her style and the colours she wears needs to reflect that. I based her mood board on this fact and she ended up loving this new direction I was heading in and got even more excited for her new possibility! I also found out that Jill, was looking to upgrade her work wear. She felt a bit stagnant in that department, always resorting to the same comfy (and frumpy) outfits. This was the perfect opportunity to for her to upgrade her look!

Jill giving her thumbs down in her old frumpy sweater dress...

Once her style assessment was complete, I came over to her place and overviewed the clothes in her closet. She actually had lots of potential in the clothes she already owned, but she couldn't see or focus on it, because of the overstock of clutter and things she rarely wore. I swiftly began to pull those good pieces out of the closet and put together several looks for her to wear to work. She was up for it and ready to try on outfits, that she never would of thought to put together before . Once she got rolling, she loved and felt inspired by what she saw in the mirror for the first time in a long time. We highlighted her best features in her silhouette and she discovered how amazing her body could look with the right cut and fit for her frame. We then worked on accessorizing with shoes, jewelry and handbags. We ended up creating 5-10 versatile options out of a few key pieces in her own closet.

"Sometimes you just need an outside perspective or another person's fresh ideas. That's where I come in!"

Once she had these new looks, I set them aside at the begining of her closet, so that it was highly visible, to save time in the morning when she gets ready for work. Now it was time to go through the rest of the clothes....We emptied the leftover contents of her closet in a large pile. From there I devised YES, NO & MAYBE sub-piles. We went through the entire pile, piece by piece in a swift manner. I asked her about each piece and what was it's purpose in her lifestyle and she started to direct each piece in the appropriate sub-pile. She was able to eliminate more than half of the large pile straight away in the NO pile for donation and the rest she deliberated in the 'MAYBE' pile and ended up only keeping a fraction of it in the end. As we started to put back what she decided to keep, I designated 'lifestyle' sections in her closet in the second half of the space. With this technique of sectioning work clothes, evening wear, casual wear, etc. Jill was able to discover that many of those 'keeper' pieces had a very similar purpose; comfy and casual summer/beach clothes, which was practically the bulk of her wardrobe! She was now able to recognize in plain sight what her wardrobe was lacking and in need of, ie; where to invest her money and where not to keep replicating and spending money on. This was very eye-opening and enlightening to Jill.

After the whole process was done, we scheduled another date to meet at a local thrift shop. Armed with the knowledge and a list of what she needed in order to balance out her wardrobe, it was super simple to focus on the task at hand. She ended up spotting some really cute items, that were functional, fun and most importantly worked well with what she already owned.

Jill ended up purchasing most of what we picked out, that totalled less than 100 bux for 2 large bags of clothes and accessories!

A huge win! After our shopping trip, we went back to her place and I put together some fresh outfits with her existing pieces and her new ones. I applied a daytime makeup look on her lovely face to highlight her beautiful features, we got her man to snap some shots and Voila! The moment you've all been waiting for!

Here are Jill's before and after photos.

Can you say major #Glowup ? She looks stunning and look at those gorgeous legs!

What was Jill's The takeaway?

You can see her review here below, since our session, she has found a renewed sense of zest and empowerment at work and in her life. She has recently enrolled in an the intense educational "Community Master Gardener" program, focusing on her passion for plants and biology AND has begun working as a plant based consultant, advising people on creating beautiful living decor and greenery in indoor spaces! I would say with her new look on a conscious & subconscious level, she is self-assured and attracting positive attention and more opportunities in all areas of her life!

Jill's Review!

Here's proof that you don't need a tonne of money to look like a million bux! Using your own clothes, I can help you put together magnetic looks that attract all the right kind of attention!

If you or someone you know could use a 'Wardrobe Refresh', please don't hesitate to contact me by phone, email or social media! I look forward to hearing from you!

With love & bisous

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