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A Style Mantra Is Your Secret Weapon To Dressing Your Best Self!

Creating a Style Mantra Helps You Discover Your Most Aligned and Authentic Wardrobe, While Boosting Your Mood & Confidence!

Ever felt like your outward style doesn't align with the real you? It's a common struggle for so many women, but worry not! I have the perfect solution to help you rediscover your true style, connect with your inner essence, and confidently own the spotlight – the Style Mantra. In this blog, I'll guide you through this transformative approach, revealing how it can empower you to revamp your image and step into the world feeling fantastic.

1. Acknowledging the Style Dilemma:

Give yourself a moment to get real about your current style. For so many women, sometimes life takes us on a detour and our fashion choices no longer represent who we are. Recognizing this is the first step towards a meaningful style transformation. Ask yourself how you're you feeling about your current style on a scale of 1-10? If it's on the low side or you're feeling it could be higher, read on...

2. Embrace Your True Self, Unapologetically:

Creating your Style Mantra is a beautiful method of both understanding how you want to

present yourself to the world and how you want to feel in your clothes. It's an opportunity to embrace and express your personality through your style.

3. Define Your Style Mantra:

Grab a cup of tea, settle in, and let's talk about your style statement . How would you describe yourself and how would you like to present yourself in a few words? Think about your life goals and how your highest self would dress to achieve them.

Some examples : relaxed and bohemian. Professional and polished. Creative and colourful. Edgy and sleek. The possibilities are endless! A Style Mantra is your guide to articulating your essence in the language of fashion.

4. Create Your Vision Board:

Now let's translate your words visually – that's what we're aiming for! Collect images, colors, and textures that resonate with you. Or go online and search for styles that resonate with your Mantra, by using google photos or Pinterest and keep them organized in a 'style file'. Let the mood board be your map to finding more clarity, direction and style inspiration.

5. A Closet in Harmony with You:

Picture your closet as a sanctuary of only the pieces that bring you joy. Keep what aligns with your Style Mantra and bid farewell to what no longer serves you. It's an enlightening, refreshing and nurturing process towards a clutter-free and intentional wardrobe.

6. Curating Your Authentic Style:

Next time you're out shopping, let your Style Mantra guide you. Choose pieces that resonate with your mantra, making you feel like the most fabulous, authentic and highest version of you. It's more than just clothes; it's about wearing your true essence.

7. Walk with Confidence, Embrace Who You Are: Armed with your Style Mantra, it's time to take action and step into your most authentic, powerful self, by dressing with intention. Your style is an expression of your individuality. So, show up for yourself, step out of your comfort zone and choose to make a lasting postive impression with your style. Walk tall, knowing that you are presenting your best self to the world.

Ready to start expressing yourself through your style? A Style Mantra is a part of the style process that will guide you, empowering you to embrace your distinctiveness and wear it proudly. Let your genuine style resonate like a bold statement to the world. 💃✨

Looking for more guidance with your style and wardrobe ? Book a free Style Alignment call and let's chat about my different options.

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